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SubjectDFK Capstone Gala Night 2018

DFK Capstone Gala Night 2018


On June 7, DFK Capstone Gala Night 2018, hosted by the Techno-Art Division of Underwood International College (UIC) and Design Factory Korea (DFK) was held at Google Seoul Campus in Gangnam, Seoul. Participants of this event included the UIC faculty and students as well as the company representatives from LG Electronics, Naver Line, Louis Vuitton Korea, World Food Program, Global Entrepreneurs Foundation, Modu Labs, SparksLab and Astera.

Techno-Art Capstone Project is a project-based course in which students come up with innovative and marketable products or services through the 4-stage development process, including definition, conceptualization, prototyping and evaluation. This course is an interdisciplinary project that engages students from the three majors of Techno-Art Division: Culture & Design Management (CDM), Creative Technology Management (CTM) and Information and Interaction Design (IID). DFK Capstone Gala Night is the annual event celebrating the final results of the Capstone Project.

This year, a total of 14 student teams presented their project results in various forms such as application, web service and products. After the presentations, the judges selected the best project based on the creativity of the idea, the feasibility and the level of completion. This year’s Judges Choice was awarded to team SWAT that came up with an easy to use smartphone case based product that will aid hands only CPR for non-professionals in out-of-hospital incidents to prevent unfortunate cardio-related deaths or brain damage. The same award was given to team ADDI that came up with a real time video play education service as well.  


At the end of the event, the audience voted for the most innovative project. The Audiences Choice award went to team Sure that invented a portable, easy-to-use home STD test kit for sexually active young adults of all gender.  

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