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SubjectSpicki won the top award at Herald Design Tech 2015
Spicki won the top award at Herald Design Tech 2015 

Spicki, which was one of the Techno-Art Capstone project in 2015, won the top award at Herald Design Tech 2015, the design-meets-technology contest co-organized by Herald Corp. and Seoul Design Foundation. 

Congratulations to Spicki team: Jeebin Yim , Shinyoung Mo (IID seniors) and Hyejin Park (CTM senior)!

The Spicki team and the CEO of Herald Corp. Lee Yong-man (second from left). (Lee Sang-sub/The Korea Herald)

The team focused on sounds that hold special memories for people, such as a baby’s first word or a loved one’s singing voice, and the need to keep them alongside photographs. 

“It started with the question -- what would it be like to own sound?” 

The team came up with a paper-thin, square-shaped portable recorder that comes with two buttons -- record and play. With an exterior case made using a 3-D printer, the Spicki is lighter than regular recorders. 

Users can carry it around and record meaningful sounds with ease. They can then present the recording to friends or family as a gift. The device also targets people learning new languages or musicians and writers who want to record a moment of inspiration for a future work. The recorder can be attached to any surface -- on a photo album, wall or desk. 

“We thought of it as a Post-it recorder” 

Link to full article: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20151222001038

See more about Spicki: http://shiny1912.wix.com/spicki

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