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SubjectDFK Delegation to Porto Design Factory

DFK Delegation to Porto Design Factory

Social Impact Week #1 was a week-long intense workshop envisioned by a partnership between Porto Design Factory and Design Factory Korea (DFK). The workshop took place at Porto Design Factory from February 19th to 23rd.

With the sponsorship of Yonsei Center for Social Innovation (YCSI), 10 students from HASS (Deshika Herath, Dongwoo Kim, Doyeon Ku, Hyeyoung Ryu, Ilhwa Ryu, Minjin Kim, Seungjin Lee, So Heum Hwang and Youbin Choi) participated in this workshop as a delegation of DFK.

Day 1: Design Thinking Workshop

The students worked with 10 students from Politécnico do Porto in multidisciplinary teams to tackle the challenges proposed by the local social entrepreneurs that include Vintage for a cause, Rios+ - Engenho e Rio, Cuidadores and Mundo A Sorrir.


The workshop was in a rat relay fashion, which requires the student teams to work with different challenges each day with the design thinking methodology that they learned on the day.


On the last day of the workshop, the student teams gave the final pitch of their project ideas to the participating social entrepreneurs. Each pitch addressed an innovative design solution to the respective challenges of “how to produce ethical fashion based on circular economy principles,” “how to reach all unpaid carers in Porto,” “how to teach children brush their teeth in the classrooms without a wash place,” and “how to avoid ashes in the rivers after forest fires.”

One of the industry partners of this workshop, Mundo A Sorrir is considering an actual implementation of the idea suggested by the Social Impact Week #1 participants. The meeting with the students and Mundo A Sorrir representatives is scheduled on April 6th. DFK and Porto Design Factory are looking into a viable way to involve students from both countries in this follow up meeting. And the future collaboration between the two Design Factories is under consideration.

More Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskwVjg4f

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