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SubjectSpecial Workshop with RC101: Designing Your Life by Emily Tsiang



Special Workshop with RC101

Designing Your Life by Emily Tsiang

We had a workshop on Designing Your Life, the popular Stanford University course and New York Times bestselling book on March 26. It was at once inspiring and helpful to learn how to apply design thinking to life and vocational wayfinding.



This workshop was instructed by Emily Tsiang, a Life Design Fellow at Stanford. Emily Tsiang teaches in the Design Program and leads the Life Design Accelerator. She has been featured at SXSW and has facilitated design thinking at companies such as Autodesk, Cisco, and Airbnb.

Professor Hyun Sang Kim's RC 101 class as well as many students from various majors from Underwood International College joined the workshop. We were also delighted by a surprise visit and support by Professor Chad Denton.



More Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskvmW3yt






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