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SubjectRegister Now: Rat Relay for Global Good 2018 (November)


Join Rat Relay!

Rat Relay is a global design hackathon organized in the Design Factory Global Network. In just 36 hours we will be solving globally 5 real life challenges following a user-centered design process! You will get to work in real-time with teams in other countries, apply design methods, build on others work, be creative, build and test your ideas. Your challenge is to make the most out of your six hour slot before you hand the project over to another team in another Design Factory around the globe!

The Rat Relay takes place 2018.11.20. (Tue) -11.23. (Fri) in the Design Factory Global Network and we are now looking for participants to accept the challenge at Design Factory Korea! Teams at DFK work for three days in two 6-hour slots, in the morning and evening, altogether for 36 hours.

Each six-hour slot starts with an introduction to the design thinking process and getting to know the challenge, goes on to try to hack the challenge with a special focus on one of the design thinking phases, and is finished with you passing on your work to the next team on the other side of the globe. The challenge Design Factory Korea sends out to the world after Tuesday afternoon will return to us in Friday morning.

The participating Design Factories in the Global Network are:

  1. CDF - Cali Design Factory, Colombia
  2. DDF - Duoc Design Factory, Chile
  3. DFSP - Design Factory São Paulo, Brazil
  4. PDF - Porto Design Factory, Portugal
  5. GDF - Ghent Design Factory, Belgium
  6. FDF - Frisian Design Factory, The Netherlands
  7. IS - Inno.space, Germany
  8. WDF - Warsaw Design Factory, Poland
  9. RTUDF - RTU Design Factory, Latvia
  10. TDS - Tartu Delta Sandbox, Estonia
  11. ADF - Aalto Design Factory, Finland
  12. KDL - Kyoto Design Lab, Japan
  13. DFK - Design Factory Korea, Korea
  14. DFNZ - Design Factory New Zealand

Sign up link: https://goo.gl/forms/aAeuVMwQe85JyTuI3 

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