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Product Development Project (PDP) course is primarily aimed at students of engineering, industrial design, and business who are interested in product development of investment or consumer goods. PDP-course is hosted by Design Factory, which is an experimental co-creation platform of Aalto University. PDP has become the standard methodology for hands-on education at DFs all around the world.

At DFK, seniors from the three TAD majors take the course Techno-Art Capstone Project where they conceive, develop and generate innovative services and products. To create a product that satisfies the values of innovative design, manufacturability and marketability, students will go through four stages in product development: observation, conceptualization, prototyping and evaluation.

In order to support students from different majors:

(1) professors hold workshops about theories and skills needed in each of the four stages,
(2) companies provide the problems and financial support necessary in coming up solutions,
(3) coaches from respective industries offer practical advice and guidance for the design, and
(4) Design Factory staff worldwide provide technical and theoretical knowledge needed in the manufacturing and executing process.

SubjectCapstone Projects 2016


Lapse is a period after opening (PAO) indicator for cosmetics. The time the product expires after opening is different from the expiration date printed on the container, just like canned food. Lapse offers a new way of keeping track of PAO. It is installed to the container and shows the elapsed time through color change. Just open the product and use it as you always have. When it’s time to let it go, you will see it.                


Brelli Box       

Even if you love the rain, having a wet umbrella as you walk around can be irritating or even cause slipping hazards. The Brelli Box is a new solution to the problem of wet umbrellas that is cheaper and also eco-friendly. It is reusable, made from recycled materials, and can dry your umbrella by simply dipping and twisting it inside the absorbable fabric.               


Melting Cotton              

Melting Cotton is a sanitary pad delivery service that brings you the package right to your dorm door. We attempt to change the existing negative perspective on period into a more positive and celebrated event.                


Tuu Tuu              

TuuTuu is an attachable brush timer which notifies users to brush their teeth for three minutes by playing three-minutes-long music. All you have to do is to attach TuuTuu to your toothbrush, and start brushing! The brushing motion will activate the music, adding fun to your brushing experience.                


Walker Holic              

Walker Holic helps you stay healthy by setting a reasonable goal: 5000 footsteps everyday! Get healthier with rewards which are given once you reach the goal! You can exchange healthy information with friends through instagram! Receive feeds about walking routine or diet and send out yours to followers at the same time! Walker Holic motivates healthy habit and sharing them with friends continuously!               



Mutu is a premium on - demand umbrella customization platform where customers can choose the design and functions of the umbrella according to their needs.                



With a passion for the sense of smell, Fume brings to you a new way to experience the notion of a fragrance. Visualize smell from beginning to end as it develops in depth. The color gradients reflect the fragrances notes, visually allowing you to grasp and appreciate your new fragrance even more. Our hope is to provide you with the richest and most informative experience with smell that you’ve ever had before.



Sniff (DFK-LG project)

SNIFF is a device that captures and detects gas elements that are exerted from your food product as it starts to lose its freshness. If your food is fresh, sensor will blink in green! If your food is not fresh, sensor will blink in red and it is time to throw it away.

Beacon Buddy (DFK-LG project)

Beacon Buddy is a brand with beacon device and mobile application that keeps track of your daily agenda and reminds you of 1) things you should do 2) things you should bring 3) things you want to habitualize.



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