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Product Development Project (PDP) course is primarily aimed at students of engineering, industrial design, and business who are interested in product development of investment or consumer goods. PDP-course is hosted by Design Factory, which is an experimental co-creation platform of Aalto University. PDP has become the standard methodology for hands-on education at DFs all around the world.

At DFK, seniors from the three TAD majors take the course Techno-Art Capstone Project where they conceive, develop and generate innovative services and products. To create a product that satisfies the values of innovative design, manufacturability and marketability, students will go through four stages in product development: observation, conceptualization, prototyping and evaluation.

In order to support students from different majors:

(1) professors hold workshops about theories and skills needed in each of the four stages,
(2) companies provide the problems and financial support necessary in coming up solutions,
(3) coaches from respective industries offer practical advice and guidance for the design, and
(4) Design Factory staff worldwide provide technical and theoretical knowledge needed in the manufacturing and executing process.

SubjectCapstone Project 2017


Angry Pets

Any problem with your dog? Any worries about dog left at home? Treat your dog with a new present. Introduce you CHU POT, a stress relief toy for dog. It designed to relieve boredom when dog is left at home alone. Playing with CHU POT will help dog lessen stress and cope with separation anxiety. Team ‘Angry Pets’ focuses on developing new dog's products which reduces behavioral problems of domestic dogs.


Clip is a dating application service that is linked to a claw machine game. It provides an opportunity to anyone who wants to start a relationship. If you get a prize from the claw machine, you will have the chance to meet a partner! Our service will overcome the disadvantages gained from light-weight dating services such as ‘Tinder’ and from heavy-weight matchmaking services such as ‘Duo’. Play, Meet, Love


Life is boring, don’t you think? But what if there was another world unfolding through your camera lenses?
‘Combini’ is an advertising platform for convenience stores in the form of an AR character that interacts with store visitors. Mundane convenience stores you visit everyday will become a playground full of interactive experience. Buy snacks – and feed your Combini!


Epico is a smart plant-care product that introduces an innovative and fun way to keep track of your plants at home. We use latest AR technology that allows users to interact with their beloved plants on a whole new level. Epico animates your plant in a spirit form, so users can touch and play with them like pets.



Are you sufficiently enjoying culture? We present a new way to invigorate mundane visits with a literary touch. Evereaday is a customizable service engaging books and travels. Make your daily life more memorable and enjoyable with our service. A new experience every day - Evereaday!

Expat to Townie

Songdo is growing as an international city, and many foreigners are coming to work in the companies here. Expat to Townie is an app that helps foreigners settle in Songdo. Through our app, they can set up a mobile plan, find an English-speaking hospital, connect to other foreigners in the area with similar interests, and more!


Tired of asking yourself what to eat everyday? This is an ongoing question that seems very simple, yet many people struggle to answer. "Fork It" is an application service that uses an unique algorithm to help you find the right food to eat based on your current taste preferences and emotions.

Frankie Lab

FRANKIE LAB is a product based service company that endows different uses to smartphones that would have otherwise been left unused. We offer fresh, outstanding user experience with a mobile application and product package that transforms old smartphones into devices including, but not limited to, a doorbell camera, a baby cam, a scheduler, and a TV.


Lomera is a matching platform between talented university photographers and those who want their precious moments to be taken as photography. Lomera provides outdoor snap photography service with instant reservation and reasonable price, thereby replacing existing photography studios with inflexible reservation system and high price. Within a variety of beautiful spaces in Seoul, you can leave your memorable moments by high quality photography.

Sauce Garden

Cooking can be a hassle because of the ingredient preparation and clean-up procedures, especially for beginners. Sauce Garden, our newly-designed sauce dispenser, combines measuring and pouring sauces into one convenient step, so you can follow any recipe with precision. Simply fill our product with your preferred condiment and obtain exact amounts with the push of a button.

Star Chief

Star Chef gives people the opportunity to host a successful pop-up event by branding them, marketing them and offering them a physical space to cook. Our restaurant is unique because we offer customers a daily changing menu and interior. Star Chef builds cooks following so if they plan on owning a restaurant someday or want to introduce their food to the world, they can be successful in their future endeavors.


Winsurance guarantees the full refunding system ofor overseas direct purchases with the new freemium insurance model such as Amazon, whichi casts off the laborious financial procedures of re-delivery, and long-awaiting process. The insurance fee can be paid as the monthly dream pocket money for their next purchases. The products that consumers send back are resold by Winsurance to its respective local market in excellent brand-new quality and competitive price. We make your purchase certain!


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