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Product Development Project (PDP) course is primarily aimed at students of engineering, industrial design, and business who are interested in product development of investment or consumer goods. PDP-course is hosted by Design Factory, which is an experimental co-creation platform of Aalto University. PDP has become the standard methodology for hands-on education at DFs all around the world.

At DFK, seniors from the three TAD majors take the course Techno-Art Capstone Project where they conceive, develop and generate innovative services and products. To create a product that satisfies the values of innovative design, manufacturability and marketability, students will go through four stages in product development: observation, conceptualization, prototyping and evaluation.

In order to support students from different majors:

(1) professors hold workshops about theories and skills needed in each of the four stages,
(2) companies provide the problems and financial support necessary in coming up solutions,
(3) coaches from respective industries offer practical advice and guidance for the design, and
(4) Design Factory staff worldwide provide technical and theoretical knowledge needed in the manufacturing and executing process.

SubjectCapstone Project 2018

Team Name : Bin;Cup

Challenge :  People throwing away disposable cups without emptying the contents(ice, coffee, tea, etc.)

Solution : Bin;Cup is a trash bin that is specially designed to ease the process of opening the lid and get rid of remaining contents inside disposable cups. Bin;Cup meets the needs of busy people and cleaning workers who have problems caused by dirty disposable cups

Contact Information : jis3613@gmail.com


Team Name: Roar

Challenge :  How to encourage university students to communicate with people outside their social groups without feeling burdened to do so.

Solution : Roar is a location based shout out service that is targeted towards university students. Its user pool is limited to the same university students. The users can upload and leave a virtual post-it based on the location it was created. This will encourage students to actively express thoughts and feel inclusion within their university community.

Contact Information : pje1740@gmail.com


Team Name : qUp

Challenge :  People do not know exactly and sufficiently about what, how, when, and why to drink water correctly.

Solution : Product qUp keeps track of your water intake using the weight sensor. Application qUp keeps record of water consumption, notifies you to drink, informs you with useful information regarding water consumption based on your interest. qUp points are provided when users reach their goal and these points can be donated or used for shopping.

Contact Information :  qup.manager@gmail.com


Team Name : CueBap

Challenge : Eliminate waiting time queuing up for meals on campuses

Solution : Cuebap is an application that works with merchants to provide students with on-the-go ordering for convenient food and beverage pickups.

Contact Information : cuebap.community@gmail.com


Team name: ADDI

Challenge: How can we reduce the side effects of children’s inevitable smartphone usage?

Solution: NORINURI is a 1:1 real time video play education service. Teachers appear on the screen as a character and children can interact with the characters instead of watching one-way communication contents.

Contact Information: teamaddi2018@gmail.com


Team name: Voicesquare

Challenge: How can we help the most innovative companies in Korea that suffer from lack of domain-specific conversational data to launch their own voice AI project more efficiently?

Solution: Our crowdsourcing platform ŞŇ─í┼▓ will utilize any smartphone users in their 20s to generate domain-specific conversational data for the companies. Users will also benefit from our platform since they will receive passive rewards for providing their valuable data.

Contact Information: munchcommunity@gmail.com


Team name: OMU

Challenge: How can we help people have healthier lifestyle through exercise without financial, time or other burden?

Solution: A home-training mobile application On’t aims to provide a professional, 1:1 personal training service for less than a half amount of the industry’s average price via video call, at users' most comfortable condition.

Contact Information: omu.ont@gmail.com


Team Name: Coduplay

Challenge: How to provide affordable and approachable coding education to K-12 students in a self-learning environment

Solution: Coduplay is an educational platform that provides online and offline  coding education. We seek to teach coding in an accessible and affordable manner through tutorial videos, games, coding workshops and individual lessons.

Contact Information: coduplay2018@gmail.com


Team name: SWAT

Challenge: When confronted with a situation requiring bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), people undergo immense pressure and lack of confidence, which holds back people from performing out-of-hospital CPR irregardless of the level or depth of CPR education they might have received.

Solution: The primary objective of team SWAT is to create an easy to use smartphone case based product that will aid hands only CPR for non-professionals in out-of-hospital incidents to prevent unfortunate cardio-related deaths or brain damage.

Contact information: swateam.2018@gmail.com


Team name: Untitled

Challenge: Creating an entertaining, accessible means for people in their twenties to become more self-aware and, as a result, improve their mental health in this daunting era of their lives where they may feel burdened by societal expectation.

Solution: Iceberg is a thoughtful tabletop game for players to discover the uncharted depths of themselves and their friends—the good, the bad, the deliciously embarrassing—through the medium of storytelling. *Guaranteed to improve confidence, relationships, the desire to quit their desk job and raise guinea pigs in Peru like they’ve always wanted.

Contact information: untitled.iceberg@gmail.com


Team name: Halaa

Challenge: How to relieve Muslims' difficulties of finding food in Korea that meets their religious restrictions

Solution: Halal Finder broadens the range of food choices that Muslims can consume in Korea by categorizing diverse types of food and providing restaurant information based on GPS.

Contact Information: halalfinder.community@gmail.com

Team name: SURE

Challenge: According to WHO, more than a million people acquire a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every day. Many STDs don’t have any noticeable symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to get tested. How do we make the public aware of and encourage individuals to get tested for STDs on a regular basis?

Solution: Sure is a portable, easy-to-use home STD test kit for sexually active young adults of all genders. Sure allows to detect three STDs; HIV, Syphilis, Herpes, by blood, and Chlamydia, Gonorrhea by urine, all within 20 minutes. Sure provides easy, quick, private test experience to users with maximized usability with accurate test results.

Contact Information: sure.inquires@gmail.com


Team Name: New Bingers

Product Name: ItemBox

Challenge: Fast fashion has increased the act of mass-consumption which is problematic because mass consumption leads to overflow of clothes in people’s wardrobes. This makes it hard for people to keep track and make fast decisions when it comes to choosing an outfit for the day.

Solution: ItemBox is an IoT based smart wardrobe organizing service to not only help users style and choose their outfit more conveniently, but also to keep track of the clothes they have and remind them to maximize their usage on every item that they own.

Contact Information: newbingersc@gmail.com


Team Name : Team Doodo

Challenge : Retirees in the age of 50s do not have enough chances to enjoy their leisure activities and improve their lifestyles.

Solution : Doodo, which is an abbreviation for ‘Second Challenge’ in Korean, helps people set and achieve goals after retirement. Doodo provides several functions that aim to enhance senior lifestyle. Doodo users can set goals based on the leisure activities the user participates in, meet people who have the same goal, and collaborate with them to achieve their objectives.

Contact Information :  doodo2018@gmail.com

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