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Product Development Project (PDP) course is primarily aimed at students of engineering, industrial design, and business who are interested in product development of investment or consumer goods. PDP-course is hosted by Design Factory, which is an experimental co-creation platform of Aalto University. PDP has become the standard methodology for hands-on education at DFs all around the world.

At DFK, seniors from the three TAD majors take the course Techno-Art Capstone Project where they conceive, develop and generate innovative services and products. To create a product that satisfies the values of innovative design, manufacturability and marketability, students will go through four stages in product development: observation, conceptualization, prototyping and evaluation.

In order to support students from different majors:

(1) professors hold workshops about theories and skills needed in each of the four stages,
(2) companies provide the problems and financial support necessary in coming up solutions,
(3) coaches from respective industries offer practical advice and guidance for the design, and
(4) Design Factory staff worldwide provide technical and theoretical knowledge needed in the manufacturing and executing process.


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