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Bark is an application platform that provides media contents to connect humans with abandoned dogs. Our goal is to create a society with the shared value to protect abandoned dogs as our own. All you have to do is watch the energizing videos of the dogs and they are saved!

Cheeze is a behavior-inducing entertaining service that helps prevent traffic accidents related to kindergarten shuttle buses.

Doughman is a smartphone application targeting college students, who need  instant help  and who want to  be a hero to those in need.

Designed mainly for teenagers, LookToon combines the Korean trend of growing popularity of good-looking people in internet communities (eoljjangs) and high readership of webtoons. It creates a place where teens can express their identities, both through their individual fashion styles and unique story contents.

Memory Miner
How do you want to be remembered? Memory Miner is a service and product that can record, commune and eternize precious memories.

Our goal is to make a system or a community where people can share their stories and concerns, support and heal each other regardless of who you are and where you are positioned in our society.

Poco is trying to sell a curated travel-kit pouch that are compoased of cosmetic samples to tourists visiting Korea. Tourists no longer have to pack their own beauty products, and also can purchase full-sized products just by texting or calling before their departure.

Spicki is a daily, emotional and tangible messenger for anyone who wants to play with recordable sound.

Ticket Stalker
The answer to all tickets! Our goal is to create a green secondary market where users can exchange unused tickets: buyers can buy safely, sellers can minimize refund losses.

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