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DFK brings together students, industry and researchers to co-create innovative solutions to industry problems. DFK Projects offer companies new inspiration and solutions from the creative mind of students. It is an easy way to meet students, professors, and start a co-operation with Yonsei University.

At the early stage of establishment, DFK is currently searching for concrete cooperative relations with companies and related industry as well as expanding our network to create more opportunities for students and industry. We look for challenging learning projects that require a combination of adequate coaching and resources. Collaborative projects will bring the university closer to the industry, and create direct value for society.

Download DFK Projects brochure for more information here.

Design Factory offers diverse programs for corporate sponsorship.

Make an impact through DFK. Here is a bouquet of possible actions for your organization.

1. Propose your organization’s challenge as a customized DFK capstone project. Through a capstone workshop, an interdisciplinary team of 4-6 students conducts a live consulting project to create a product or a service to tackle the organization’s specified challenge. Your organization benefits from a set of fresh recommendations based on innovative design of creative thinkers at DFK, while students gain experience by working on a real-world consultancy project.

2. Host an Executive Education workshop for your organization. At DFK, we believe that creativity can be fostered, including among senior executives and employees at companies. There are numerous multi-day workshops we can provide, such as a design thinking bootcamp or customer-focused innovation sessions, to brainstorm new ways people tackle challenges in their work and lives.

3. Sponsor ongoing DFK Capstone projects. A considerable amount of effort is required to run a DFK Capstone project. Through your sponsorship, interdisciplinary and often international teams of students will be able to organize the budget, schedule, and design innovative products and services. Moreover, the design thinking process can be done in collaboration with other Design Factories around the world.

Examples of Capstone projects can be viewed in here.

Examples of Customized DFK Projects in DFK Projects brochure, download here!

Outcomes For Partner Companies

DFK Projects offer companies new inspiration and solutions from the creative mind of students. It is an easy way to meet students, professors, and start a co-operation with Yonsei University. Our partner companies will get a proof of concept solution to the provided challenge, supported by research and design-led innovation process. In addition, the partner companies will experience the development process together with the students, and therefore gain both tangible and intangible benefits and learning experience. 

The partner will gain most by bringing an open co-creation mindset. Each company sponsor assigns a contact person for the student team who follows the process and contributes to the project. The company should allocate up to two weeks of working time during the project. We are open to companies of all sizes.

What kind of professionals do you need in your business?	Can they be educated through the traditional means of teaching, or is a learning revolution required?

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