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Ideashop Space Use Policy for Internal Parties
* Internal parties include the students, faculty members, other personnel and student councils of UIC majors

General Policies for utilizing DFK spaces

  1. DFK is a space mainly for different educational and academic activities of Underwood International College (UIC)
  2. DFK is available free-of-charge for all the different divisions & majors of UIC and their student councils, based on the policies and procedures stated in this document.
  3. Events, activities, courses & workshops that align with what DFK stands for will be supported.
  4. Private student parties are not accepted to be organized at DFK
  5. For every event, activity, course or workshop, one responsible person must be named
  6. This person must sign the DFK space use liability form and ensures the appropriate use of DFK during his/her event, activity, course or workshop.

DFK Space Reservation Policy for Events

(*seminars, conferences, exhibitions, presentations, etc.)

  1. The Event Application Form should be submitted via the following link below no less than two weeks before the actual intended event date.
  2. Approval of the event is done internally by the DFK staff based on the application. The Staff will inform the applicant personally after the decision.
  3. The presence of the approving staff/professor is required during the whole event. The responsible staff/professor will be held responsible for any harm or damage caused to DFK by the event.

DFK Ideashop Reservation Application Form





Protoshop Space Use Policy for Internal Parties
  1. You can use the Protoshoponly with the presence of DFK staff.
  2. You need to request for the space use a day before.
  3. Each time you use the machine, you need to sign the use log
  • The opening hours:  9am~10pm

DFK Protoshop Facility Use Request Form


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