University of Geneva FacLab meets Yonsei DFK

November 7, 2019
DFK Ideashop
The cross-cultural workshop is to determine whether students could come up with more creative ideas when they were gathered from different countries and different backgrounds to discuss issues using design thinking (DT) methodology. One co-instructor of the workshop was a professor of information systems at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and an expert in the fields of digital policy management, information security, and Digital rights management and the other was Hyun-Kyung Lee who is a professor of culture and design management (CDM) at Yonsei University in Korea who specialized in DT. Based on their specialties, the workshop topic was digital responsibility and information security. DT methodology gave the students a discussion structure. DT is a powerful, effective tool in promoting creativity. Digital responsibility and information security were one of the main topics of the workshop where DT process was applied to present a solution to a social problem of this era of technological advancement. This specific topic was also expected to motivate students’ interest, especially those of digital generation.