Helen Lee
DFK Director
Dean of UIC (Underwood International College)
Hyun Kyung Lee
DFK Associate Director
Professor of CDM (Culture and Design Management)
Nanyoung Kim
DFK Coach
Rennie Moon
Professor of Research Methods
Chair of Common Curriculum
Huasha Zhang
Assistant Professor of East Asian History
Jae-Yun Ho
Assistant Professor of  Creative Technology Management
Jae Hoon Shin
Assistant Professor of Bio-Convergence
mission statement

Design Factory Korea

DFK is an open platform where education meets industries to solve real problems based on interdisciplinary team projects. Design Factory Korea creates values through problem based learning, providing an experimental learning environment to build innovative knowledge ecosystem.

"Designing Future Innovation."


Design Thinking based Education

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Innovation Knowledge Platform


Approaching innovative learning environment and creating value through design based learning.

Creating a future model of interdisciplinary collaboration by implementing theories into practices.

Providing an experiential
learning environment to build innovative knowledge ecosystem.


Design Factory Global Network

Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) is a network of innovation platforms that drive change in their own institutions for a better learning culture, whether it is in a university or a research center.

student club

DFK Omelet

"Stay small. Think big."

DFK Omelet is a group of students who aim to utilize creative designs and solution-oriented thinking to market the Design Factory Korea brand within the multicultural society within the Yonsei campus.