DFK's Blog
DFK Halloween Celebration
On October 29th, DFK’s student-led club DFK Omelet hosted a Halloween party at the Ideashop. Omelet members dressed up as various spooky characters!
Deisgn Workshop: Minki Choi
On October 28th the DFK partnered with designer Minki Choi (IID15) to host a design workshop at the Ideashop, consisting of 3 sessions regarding various skills.
Start Up Talk #1: Eased
On September 30th, the DFK hosted the very first event from its Startup Talk series. Led by the founder of Eased Design, Jiwon (Julie) Yoon gave a workshop on her journey as a young entrepreneur.
Zer01ne Day 2019
On September 26th and 27th, the DFK was able to host its first field trip with the collaboration of fellow CDM and IID professors.