IDFW International Design Factory Week 2023

2023.10.02 - 06 | Ankara, Türkiye

The 2023 International Design Factory Week (IDFW) recently took center stage at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Design Factory in Ankara, Türkiye. This event brought together an international assembly of members hailing from design factories worldwide, uniting to exchange their ideas and insights aimed at shaping the future and advancing the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN).

On the first day of the event, the DFGN staff facilitated introductions among the participants and conducted a campus tour, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive event by fostering an understanding of each country's Design Factory members and the host country.

The second day was a pivotal moment, allowing each institution to shine a spotlight on the programs and projects they have in the pipeline. Various institutions presented projects on a variety of topics, but in general showed a high level of interest in joint education projects abroad. This may be due to the effect of remote learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Design Factory Korea (DFK) conducted substantive discussions with the London Design Factory and Hannam Design Factory. The focal point of these conversations was the 'Global Design Innovation Project,' an evolved iteration of the K-PDP 2.0 project. Following these exchanges, talks extended to collaborative international education programs with industry giants like McDonald's and Ford. Impressively, eight design factories actively participated in these discussions, with ongoing interest emanating from numerous other design projects.

The final event, the DFGN.R Conference, was held for the first time last year, with experts from DFGN presenting research on Design thinking and Innovation. The conference was conducted in a unique way to encourage engaging participation and foster a pleasant and informative atmosphere.

This year's IDFW event embraced a hybrid format, skillfully blending online and offline participation. Demonstrating leadership in the digital realm, two of DFK's students, under the guidance of Associate Director Hyun-kyung Lee, conducted compelling online presentations during the DFGN.R conference. On the third day of IDFW, it continued to include online participants, reinforcing the event's global reach and influence.

Designing for Multiplicity

In sum, the 2023 IDFW not only served as a platform for design factories worldwide to gain first-hand experience in collaborative endeavors within the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN), but it also significantly fostered collaborative project proposals and development among these design powerhouses. This event lays the cornerstone for an international cooperation network with DFK at its core, poised to shape the future of design innovation.