Online Course: Creative Technology for Social Innovation

2022-1 semster
Online Course
The Creative Technology for Social Innovation Course was an online program affiliated with seven design factories worldwide (Yonsei Univ. DFK, Hannam Univ. DF, Columbia Javeriana Bogota, Cali DF, Israel DF Aveiro and etc.) offered during the Spring semester of 2022. It provided an opportunity for students from various locations to participate and collaborate in developing innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Professor Lee Ki-Heon, Professor Lee Hyun-Kyung, and Professor Yoon Se-Mi from the Department of Innovation at UIC (Underwood International College) conducted the course. The course placed a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. Students were divided into multi-disciplinary teams to complete assignments and presentations. This approach enabled them to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each other in a dynamic environment. In addition to gaining practical skills, students had the opportunity to learn and apply diverse cultures, technologies, creativity, and designs. This course helped students to gain a wide range of viewpoints, broadening their horizons and improving their understanding of the world.
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