International Exchange Seminar: NHL STENDEN University

November 18, 2022
DFK Ideashop
On 18 November 2022, Professor Hyun-Kyung Lee hosted a seminar at DFK with Professor Jeannette Klomp from NHL STENDEN University and graduate students from the Innovation department. Professor Jeannette Klomp and the Innovation department graduate students introduced themselves and their research interests. Diverse students from the Department of Innovation expressed interest in various topics, including blockchain, design thinking, metaverse, sustainable fashion, and traditional crafts revival. During the seminar, Professor Klomp highlighted the importance of "openness" in securing a sustainable future and using transactional analysis to support skill enhancement for future generations. The seminar also emphasised the significance of interdisciplinary workshops in improving students' open thinking through psychological communication, as well as the importance of incorporating "openness" into creative output modules to tackle global challenges.
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