field trip

Zer01ne Day 2019

2019.06.26 - 28 | Wonhyo-ro Service Center

On September 26th and 27th, the DFK was able to host its first field trip with the collaboration of fellow CDM and IID professors. Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of professors Hyunkyung Lee and Todd Holoubek, students enjoyed an immersive experience interacting with creators, exhibitions and performances at Zer01one day 2019.

Zer01NE is a creative collective of artists, engineers and entrepreneurs who create a yearly exhibit to share their progress in their respective fields. Known as a creative platform, they host a festival to showcase their achievements to the public. This year’s theme was “Borderless in Everything”, symbolizing the synergy obtained between creativity and innovation through different mediums – emphasizing the rapid implementation required to thrive in a world of constant flux.

Various workshops are present in Zer01ne Day | photo by Joon

The exhibitions were divided in three categories: flat world, multi-humanity and liquid mobility, whereas there were constant conferences taking place on an outdoor space regarding urban mobility, AI and block chain. It was interesting to see that high-level researchers from various fields preferred to conduct workshops in smaller groups, in which the public could directly interact with the experts.

The festival takes place in an old car service center in Wonhyo-ro, Yongsan. Once a vast center used to fix Hyundai vehicles, the location has been remodeled to host Zer01ne events. Rusty stairs and outdated equipment remain, but give it a distinct character to the event itself. The contrast between old and new enhances on the forward thinking vision of the creators. Electric scooters whizzing through the alleys where once cars used to be repaired is a rather ironic, yet interesting scene.

Showcasing of a device that measures shoe size | photo by Joon

Students were welcomed by an event coordinator who kindly handed out a welcome kit and introduced them to the exhibitions. The venue itself welcomed students to roam around and let their senses be stimulated by a mixture of visual arts, interactive exhibitions and tutorials on how to operate the latest technologies. Exemplar displays included home-companion robots, ceramic 3D printers and creative design workshops. Zer01ne Day 2019 felt like a preview of all the newest advancements yet to come, and creators enthusiastically explained their concept, proof of work and vision to guests.

Poster for Zer01ne Day 2019

"Exemplar displays included home-companion robots, ceramic 3D printers and creative design workshops."

This field trip was particularly beneficial to those taking Creative Thinking and Visualization and Smart Things, as students gained inspiration from a myriad of sources and had the opportunity to interact with engineers, designers and entrepreneurs to discuss their ideas. DFK would like to thank professors Hyunkyung Lee and Todd Holoubek for their support and allowing their students to visit the festival, and special thanks to the TAD department for providing transportation for the comfort of the students. We would like to also thank the staff involved with the Zer01ne project as well as all the students to took part in the field trip. Being the very first field trip organized by the DFK, we aim to provide students with experiences which will enrich their values and experiences.